Touring-season Extended! [Week of 10/21: Nu Sensae / The Mob / Cult of Youth]

Traditionally, the onset of cold and rain of the Pacific Northwest’s marks a hurried end to many-a-bands’ aspirations of touring/traveling.  For whatever reason though, we have have not seen the expected fall-off (pun intended) from the seasonal change this year.  Instead, our calendar is inundated with HUGE international touring-acts for weeks to come!

As result, we’ve no other option than to compartmentalize shows into weekly “previews.” Literally, there are that many shows/bands of considerable mention that it’d be impossible to look ahead further than 7-days without overlooking something significant!

So feast your eyes and ears on the following events that are particularly special:

10.21.12 – avante-punk rockers NU SENSAE visit us while on a quick-sweep of West Coast hot-spots.  Their most recent full-length (pictured) has been released to incredibly warm reception, with ‘major’ music outlets like Pitchfork, Dusted and Brooklyn Vegan all taking their respective turns smattering the band and record with praise! I find this somewhat surprising…not because they are undeserving of acknowledgement, BUT because historically one can assume that poignant, noisy and aggressive punk-music is generally met with distain by ‘indie’ and mainstream critics.  As result of the atypical reception, I would place NU SENSAE in the ranks of other recent hardcore/post-punk bands whose ‘reach’ has extended beyond the confines of ‘punk’, such as FUCKED UP, CEREMONY or THE MEN. That’s not to say that NU SENSAE shares a particular sound with the aforementioned acts, but rather that they’ve struck a similarly enticing ‘chord’ with people as result of their craftsmanship, which they’ve honed for years in the DIY “basement trenches.”  So good-on-them for creating music that is undeniable! Their approach hasn’t changed.  NU SENSAE are still screaming, feeding-back and pummeling along as they were when they played their first show…so perhaps it’s the world that’s changing around them? Whatever the case, seeing them live is gunna be a blast!  The Willamette Week lends more insight as to what’s in-store in their article here.

NU SENSAE play with SICK RATS (recently deemed Portland’s best “up-and-comers” by myself), VICIOUS PLEASURES + their tour companion PEACE (Vancouver, BC) – 8pm/$5/21+

10.23.12 – HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!! THE MOB (UK) – These legendary anarcho-punks, signed to Crass/All The Madmen Records, issued an absolutely quintessential LP ‘Let the Tribe Increase’ in 1982. Some 30-years later the record stills stands up, and reformed, THE MOB will take to our stage while on a US tour! THE MOB’s appearance at The Know will mark a MONUMENT in our storied, albeit short history, as they have achieved ‘cult’ super-status with punks world-wide!!!

If that wasn’t ridiculous enough…THE MOB will be joined by legends in their-own-right, TRAGEDY, who also have a prolific history! And if that wasn’t ridiculous enough…why not throw maniacal-upstarts, BI-MARKS into the mix as well!!!

It seems unreal, but it IS happening! Therefore I would encourage individuals intending to see this show to READ this excerpt from the show’s ‘event page’ on Facebook:

Quite literally the stoooopidest line-up possibly conceived for a space our size! Any of the above bands able to single-handedly pack-our-venue to the gills, and for good reason…each are paramount within their respective sub-genres of punk. That said, we will be closed from 7-8pm on the night of the show. Upon re-open we’ll be charging at the front door and limiting entry once capacity is reached. If you wanna see this show arrive punctually!!!

Show previews from Portland’s weekly periodicals here and here.


10.26.12 – Post-punk folk will be delivered by New Yorks venerable CULT OF YOUTH. Fresh off a HUGE European-tour in support of recently released ‘Love Will Prevail‘ LP on Sacred Bones Records, which has received ‘glowing’ reviews (example: Vice’s “Best Album of the Month“), one can expect a honed presentation of their gothic-tinged output!  Fittingly, they will be joined by Portland’s own post-punk darlings ARCTIC FLOWERS and the morose meanderings of INDUSTRIAL PARK.

To add to the (dark) fun of this particular evening and to celebrate the looming presence of All Hallow’s Eve, we’ve outdone ourselves and will be hosting our first ever GOTH PROM in conjunction with the show!!!

DJ’s UNRULY, KEET and AHEX will set the tone.  So wear your finest fishnet arm-stocking and black-lace! Then drearily dance to your favorite Dark-Wave, Post-Punk and Goth JAMS through the witching hours!!! Which couple will be christened (with virgin blood…duh!) the Goth King and Queen??? Gotta show up to find out!

Preview from the Willamette Week newspaper: here