Three-Day Dirtnap Rock&Roll Weekend!

It’s not officially a 3-day weekend, at least not according to the US Postal Service (but they’re practically obsolete, so fuck ’em!).  We intend to fire-up our forthcoming Rock&Roll Weekend at The Know on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28th and not let up until sunday morning!

It all starts with a celebratory “farewell” show for the quintessential “GREEN NOISE RECORDS NITE”, which will be on indefinite hiatus while it’s host, Ken Cheppaikode, digs into his school books while also continuing to release tons of records/bands through his heralded label.

Quick backstory of Green Noise Records Nite’s:
Since August of 2010 Ken Cheppaikode, owner and operator of Green Noise and Dirtnap Records, has been presenting a monthly showcase of bands at The Know. Over these past 2+ years Ken has never “recycled” a single band in any of his line-ups!!! Instead, choosing to highlight an extensive ‘cross-section’ of underground music. This format, and his insatiable drive to produce unique events each month, has provided many memorable shows at The Know.

Green Noise Nite’s have been comprised of lauded national/international-caliber acts, as well as “fresh-faced” locals playing their first show! This range of opportunity exemplified on these nights will be sorely missed, as few people possess such passion for musical “discovery” as Ken!  

Given the above stated significance of these monthlies, it’s only fitting that Green Noise Records Nite would conclude it’s final incarnation with local-legends, PIERCED ARROWS!!!

The parallel between the DIY work-ethic and unwavering (often under appreciated) drive of Fred and Toody Cole is not dissimilar to what Ken has achieved with Dirtnap Records. All parties have have spent 20+ years curating classic rock&roll in one form or another. Fred and Toody with Dead Moon (now continuing their legacy in the form of Pierced Arrows), and Ken closing in on his 150th label-release!!!

Come show some love to the folks who’ve helped put Portland’s underground rock&roll-scene on the map!

NOTE: the evenings events will be brought to you at an incredibly reasonable cover charge (of $6) courtesy of Pabst Blue Ribbon who’ll also have some schwag to give away to the evenings early entrants! Opening acts will feature the ‘must-see’ performance of GHOSTWRITER, who’s faithful adherence to crafting unadulterated rock&roll will leave attendees in awe! FREEDOM CLUB are also playing, adding a healthy dose of piss-and-vinegar to the mix.

amazing flyer by MOSHBURN — facebook event here

 Friday, March 1st sees the continuation of our wild Rock&Roll Weekend in the best way possible.  We host Minnesota (via Japan) duo, BIRTHDAY SUITS, who are out on tour in support of their most recent release, “Wonderland America” on Asian Man Records!   

If there’s one thing to know about these frenetic garage-sters, it’s that you’re in for a hell-of-live-show!!! A fellow performer at a recent Birthday Suit’s show is quoted as having witnessed “Hideo [guitarist] do four high kicks in a row.” He “stood on tables, the bar, the railing that runs the length of the room,” and “once he kicked the air conditioner, which [was] about six feet off the ground!” Now that’s rock&roll!

The local contingent of bands lined-up for this high energy outing have been strategically selected to keep ‘pace’ with the Suits.  We’ve got the finest garage-punk offerings of the immensely popular YOUTHBITCH, who, continuing the Dirtnap theme from the prior evening, have a highly anticipated 7″ coming out on the label later this month!

RAT PARTY also throw down with their wiry take on Stooges/Radio Birdman-styled proto-punk offerings. The new band (featuring a handful of the crew from now defunct Archers) have written one of the best songs I’ve heard in a while…check out ‘This Isn’t It!’

facebook event here.

How do you maintain the momentum of the previous two shows, and encapsulate the Rock&Roll Weekend in one tidy package? Well…it starts by getting a visit from mighty Texans, OBN IIIs!!!

This band has been hyped like few others since their inception in 2010, and this will mark their first/long-awaited tour to the Pacific Northwest, which is cause for alarm! Featuring members of Bad Sports (who happen to be on Dirtnap Records!?!?!), OBN IIIs come to The Know with a string of acclaimed releases, and a legendary live show (see: photo at end of post)! Expect a room full of adoring fans being splattered with beer (and possibly blood) as OBN IIIs hyperactive rock&roll takes hold!!!

Supported by yet another Dirtnap Records artist, GUANTANAMO BAYWATCH, one can expect a surfy, sexy and fun lead-up to OBN IIIs set.  BOOM!, the ‘sister act‘ of Guantanamo will fire things off with their poppy punk jams!

facebook event here.

If you like getting wasted and having FUN, then you’re likely already planning to attend this outrageous ‘weekend’ of shows.  If you dislike having fun, then you’re cordially UN-INVITED!!! Fuck you!

Thanks for reading.
-D Rose