The Monumental Build-up to The Know’s 8th Anniversary

The winter months are upon us, but we don’t intend to spend these dark-days in hibernation.  Instead, we’ve planned for some of the undergrounds’ finest acts to play our stage over the coming weeks.

12.20.12 – THRONES, PLEASURE CROSS + ROLLIE FINGERS  [Facebook event]

Joe Preston, and his solo-incarnation THRONES, need no introduction.  Mr. Preston is a veteraned/hallowed Northwest practitioner of all things heavy, having served time with The Melvins, Earth, Sun O))) and High On Fire.  That laundry list of experience has yielded an incredibly diverse and unique output when encapsulated under the THRONES moniker.  The unifying theme to THRONES being Preston’s ability to produce sound that blurs the lines between human and mechanism.

PLEASURE CROSS, conversely, is an ‘infant’ within the PDX underground.  So new in fact that there’s no recorded output from this “supergroup” as of now.  Let their former/current bands be a gauge of what to expect though.  Members of PLEASURE CROSS have honed their abilities to ‘blast-and-smash’ in bands such as Engorged, Superbad, Basement Animal, Lords of Light and Walls! Technical proficiency can be anticipated to be VERY high, and the familiar blood-curdling cries of frontman, August Alston, will undoubtedly make your skin crawl (in that good way)!

THRONES and PLEASURE cross are joined by the calculated onslaught of ROLLIE FINGERS on this night of tonal depravity.

BONUS: All the above takes place just hours before the world ends!!!

If we’re still alive come the conclusion of the Mayan calendar, our ‘tune’ will be one of promise/hope.  We intend to celebrate our renewed appreciation for life the only way we know how…with infectious sing-a-long punk on:

12.28.12  w/: TOYS THAT KILL, DIVERS + FASTER HOUSECAT  [Facebook event]

TOYS THAT KILL are yet another undeniably catchy band on San Pedro’s Recess Records. AND…like several other acts on the label, TTK features label-founder Todd C (also of F.Y.P. and Underground Railroad to Candyland) assuming guitar and vocal duties. Todd C/his bands and label have tapped into the pulse of ‘good time’ vibes, creating pop-punk anthems that are instantly pogo-inducing.  The sincerity with which TTK (and associated acts) play their brand of pop-punk flies in the face of the mainstream ‘tainted’ genre.  If there were ever a cast of characters that could make you forget about the post-Dookie adaptation of ‘pop-punk’ for Warp Tour’s purposes it would be Todd C and his merry band of musicians. TTK have weathered the storm of the late-nineties and have remained steadfast in their unadulterated DIY song-craft. Come have your faith in pop-punk restored!

TTK are accompanied by the pop-savvy compostions of DIVERS and the guitar-heavy offerings of FASTER HOUSECAT.




Shortly after the aforementioned events we roll into a new year, and with the calendar change we begin preparations for The Know’s birthday celebration on:


Not much needs to be said about this gargantuan line-up other than that it is punk-as-fuck and classic-as-fuck!

If having the elusive and beloved Blitz-channelers, CRIMINAL DAMAGE back into our venue after several years hiatus wasn’t enough, just continue down that list of bands! San Francisco’s  NO STATIK can’t be considered an ‘old’ band by any means (having formed in 2010), but merely 3 years later the band has achieved  nearly-legendary status (deservingly so) amongst hardcore’s avid followers. NO STATIK have established a sound that is distinctly their own and innovative, yet also retains welcome-familiarity through use of old-school ‘hooks’ and song structure. They are hands-down one of the most furious/best HC bands in the game today and should not be missed!!!

This show gets more ridiculous with the inclusion of SoCal’s DRAPETOMANIA who’s gruff/classic punk offerings will have fists-a-pumping!

BUT wait, there’s more!!! Our anniversary night kicks off with the playful street-punk of NYC’s SAD BOYS, who are fronted by a former Portland-punk, and their appearance will undoubtedly serve as a sort of “homecoming.” i.e.- cause for additional celebration on our 8th BIRTHDAY!

Thanks as always for reading,