The Know’s tips for surviving MFNW:

DON’T GO!!! come here instead and see amazing shows without having to deal with high ticket-prices, long lines/closed entry, corporate-sponsor schwag-bags, and general douche-baggery!

in all seriousness though, we have a truly phenomenal weekend of shows that stand-up to anything that MFNW has going on. Our weekend features ‘actual’ bands that are touring and writing records CURRENTLY! whereas MFNW seemingly exists as a “one-trick pony,” annually banking on reunited bands (often from the not-distant-enough 90s) to serve as the flag-bearers of their festival.  be it SLEEP a couple years back, or this year with the JMascis/Lou Barlow cacophony of bands.  it’s not that i dislike the output from any of their respective bands (Dinosaur Jr, Sebadoh, JMascis & the Fog, Folk Implosion. etc). on the contrary actually…i quite enjoy the music that they’ve produced and would go as far as to call it ‘quintessential’ of the american-indie underground! however, i DO NOT want to endure an entire evening of them switching instruments and subbing musicians in-and-out only to form a “different” bands so that early-thirty-somethings can harken back their ‘high school golden-years’ and indulge in some kind of nostalgic “trip.”  fuck that! there’s too many fresh-faced, contemporary bands of equivalent skill/songwriting that should generate just as much excitement for show-goers. it’s just harder to find out about said bands when Comcast, Nike, BMI and Scion are shoveling their endless supply of blood-money at every media-outlet/business in town, enabling MFNW to push forward a watered-down version of the “musical landscape” in the Pacific Northwest/USA.

we’re committed to providing an alternative to the aforementioned MFNW circus and want to use our (albeit limited) resources to highlight some truly deserving indie/punk/DIY musicians who will be in Portland/at The Know this weekend.  It all starts TONIGHT (9/7/12).

the Texas toast of Bridgetown. FRIDAY, SEPT 7th – SOMETHING FIERCE and OCCULT DETECTIVE CLUB both hail from Texas (Houston and Denton respectively) yet are honorary members of the PDX punk community courtesy of our own Dirtnap Records, who’ve issued a fantastic Split 10″ record for the purposes of their current national-tour! as can be expected of any band on the Dirtnap-roster, both bands have an untamable knack for crafting catchy/up-tempo pop punk anthems. piling hook-upon-hook and tour-after-tour, SOMETHING FIERCE has gained a legion of adoring followers nationwide.  buttery and sophisticated at times, these youngsters put out what was arguably one of the the best debut full-lengths within the genre last year. don’t be worried though…despite their pop-sensibilities/melodic delivery SOMETHING FIERCE have their feet firmly planted in punk and aren’t leaving us for MFNW anytime soon. “i don’t wanna be here…i hate to dance/i hate the sun/i hate that i hate everyone” croons the band in ‘i can’t tell,’ an infectious song from their full-length. despite that they “hate to dance,” i’d speculate these tunes will get attendees to do just that!

oh fuck! i almost forgot to mention that Portland’s representing in a BIG way on this bill.  beloved local-boys-done-good, DIVERS, will have our audience swooning as they blend the best of The Boss with their enviable punk roots (having spent time in EARLY TIMES, DRUNKEN BOAT and COMPANY).

cast your inhibitions aside and embrace the warmth and fun of righteous pop-punk! or at least embrace the warmth of our venue-area, which will undoubtedly see temperatures soaring and perspiration dropping!


Sweet Machine is the title of Oakland-based SUNFIGHTER‘s forthcoming album.  the title is certainly an adequate descriptor of their sound as well.  gorgeously sung vocals and glistening guitar-tone. SUNFIGHTER’s performance will mark a decidedly different/prettier ‘flavor’ than is customary of The Know (given that we’re a primary stomping ground for noise-punks/metal heads). we’re excited for the change-of-pace and happy to be able to accomodate a wide-spectrum of indie-music!

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 8th’s bill will conclude with an inevitably rousing performance from history-channelers (get it? it’s a pun!) A HAPPY DEATH, who’s songs conjure up the likes of The Sonics and The Clean. A HAPPY DEATH retain the rock & roll simplicity of the  1960-70s via a soulful  presentation and reconfiguration of the pasts’ most tuneful elements! live it again and again…it never grows old!!!





i was reluctant to admit that lightning could strike twice, said a reviewer of 2010’s ‘Fake meets Failure’ LP from RED DONS, who play our stage on SUNDAY, SEPT 9th! this second ‘lightning strike’ referenced the fact that Doug Burns, the force behind RED DONS, had previously spearheaded Portland’s THE OBSERVERS, whose output was lauded and achieved nearly legendary status within the punk underground.  RED DONS are on a similar trajectory and despite being scattered across the globe (with members residing in Chicago, London, Washington and Portland) continue to produce some of the most powerful and moving music in DIY/punk! ‘hugely anticipated’ would be a vast understatement in relation to this show and line-up. given how infrequently RED DONS are able to assemble their members to perform live, we expect nothing less than a smash-packed room of fans and friends. this show will serve as a sort of dual “home coming” for the Dons, whose appearance also coincides with the conclusion of their summer-tour.  This will be one for The Know’s ‘history books’, and stacked-cast of local-support bands are representative of that fact. the intensity and quality from start-to-finish of this show is unreal/not to be missed!!!

read the WWeek’s preview of the show here.


save your “hard-earned” this weekend and come to these shows. they’re undoubtedly more bang-for-the-buck (and your money actually goes to the bands) than anything MFNW has on offer and lends to the future versus dredging up the tired-past! THE KIDS WILL HAVE THEIR SAY!

as always, thanx for reading.