Sun Oct 26th8:00pmTHE THORNES (ex-Poison Idea)
Black Beast Revival (Bellingham, WA)
Moondrake (ex-Fast Takers/Crag Dweller)
Mon Oct 27th8:00pm[Thirsty City]
JOE MOUSEPAD (Rootnote/Tomahawk/SF)
Slurgeon (DC/PDX)
Multipleks (Tahoe)
Tue Oct 28th8:00pmSATANARCHIST (Tour Kickoff!)
More Hell
Shroud of the Heretic
Wed Oct 29th8:00pm[Day 1 - Halloween Punx Cover Band Madness!!!]
"Four Boy Rhumba" as WIRE
"Hersham Boys" as SHAM 69
"X Offenders" as BLONDIE
Thu Oct 30th8:00pm[Day 2 - Halloween Punx Cover Band Madness!!!]
"Wrecking Crew" as ADOLESCENTS
"No Products" as THE SAINTS
"ESGspot" as ESG
"Locals Only" as SURF PUNKS
Fri Oct 31st8:00pm[Day 3 - Halloween Punx Cover Band Madness!!!]
"One Chord Wonders" as THE ADVERTS
"Shock Troops" as COCKSPARRER
"Black Boys On The Corner" as THIN LIZZY
"Buzzcunts" as THE BUZZCOCKS
Sat Nov 1st8:00pmLILITH VELKOR (NY)
Young Dad
Thin Coat (membs Polst/Feel Young/Shitty Weekend)
Sun Nov 2nd8:00pmHORROR VACUI (Italy)
Bellicose Minds
Arctic Flowers
Tue Nov 4th8:00pmELECTRIC HYMN
Jackson Boone
Daniel Francis Doyle (TX)
Kingdom of Smoth
Wed Nov 5th8:00pmLUBEC
Couches (CA)
Arlo Indigo
Thu Nov 6th8:00pmTENDER AGE
Blackstone Rangers (TX)
Ah God
Fri Nov 7th8:00pmC AVERAGE (WA - Kill Rock Stars)
Sat Nov 8th8:00pmHERKEMER (Reunion)
Sun Nov 9th8:00pmMEMORY BOYS
Half Shadow
Black Belt Eagle Scout (membs Genders)
Mon Nov 10th8:00pmBURNING PALMS (AZ)
Tue Nov 11th8:00pm"MAGNETIC"
[Cassette Tape DJ Nite!]
Wed Nov 12th8:00pm"Drink 'N' Dance"
[DJ Nite!]
Thu Nov 13th8:00pmPushy (membs Fellwoods)
Crystal Logic (Oakland)
Fri Nov 14th8:00pmRESIDUAL ECHOES (Los Angeles)
Terminal Fuzz Terror (Seattle)
Eternal Tapestry (Thrill Jockey Recs)
Sat Nov 15th8:00pmPURLING HISS (Philly - Drag City Recs)
The Woolen Men
Landlines (Tape-release!)
Sun Nov 16th8:00pm[Hip-Hop Show!]
Signor Benedick the Moor (L.A.)
DJ Devdan
Aleck Woogmaster
Mon Nov 17th8:00pmOVEN (membs Formica Man, Woolen Men, Hornet Leg)
+ *Special Guest*
Tue Nov 18th8:00pmMONGOLOID
Freak Vibe (Seattle - membs Nudes)
Andy Place & the Coolheads
Wed Nov 19th8:00pmVISIONS OF WAR (Belgium)
Lost Tribe (VA)
Dead Hunt
Thu Nov 20th8:00pmSWIM SWAM SWUM
Down Gown
Fri Nov 21st8:00pmTSA (CA)
Asthma (CA)
+ tba
Sat Nov 22nd8:00pmCHARLIE MEGIRA (Israel/Berlin)
The Pynnacles
The Trench
Mon Nov 24th8:00pm"THIRSTY CITY"
[Hip-Hop/Beat Nite!]
Tue Nov 25th8:00pmSTEEL BEARING HAND (TX)
Wed Nov 26th8:00pmCARRION SPRING
Edhochuli (Pittsburgh)
Valkyrie Rodeo