Sept 2013 -The Punkest Month Ever?

it’s been a long-while since i’ve been able to get up a new blog of show previews.  it certainly hasn’t been for lack-of-wanting-to or deserving shows to write about…it’s just been that damn busy. case in point: since the onset of “touring-season” (April 1st) there have been 156 calendar dates. of those dates we’ve hosted 110 shows and a countless number of touring bands. historically, we’re anticipating this trend continuing through early December!?!? so hopefully that explains the ‘radio silence’ in regards to keeping up with the blog.

all that said, this upcoming month of shows is too spectacular to not say anything here, where the flyers and events can be eternalized in the bowels of the interweb.

you’ll notice in the show listings below that the ‘headlining’ acts on these bills are from outta town (or country).  this is a testament to the caliber of these bands, as it’s pretty rare that local-support bands are merely “icing on the cake.”  generally speaking, local-bands pull the hogshare of the audience to the venue, and you count on “curiosity” to fill the room for the touring acts. this especially true in punk/underground circles where many bands are short-lived (and therefore don’t ever establish much name recognition), online media/promo is shunned, and inter-city friendships or word-of-mouth are your primary means of drumming up some ‘hype’ and attendance for a show.

unlike the aforementioned scenario, the outta-towners playing The Know in September will need NO introduction.  it’s week after week of punk’s top-echelon…acknowledged/lauded everywhere and anywhere!

Wednesday, September 4th – one of the most savage hardcore lineups we could ever hope to host.  California provide us their trans-city “supergroup,” CØNDITIØN, featuring members from both LA and San Francisco notables Trash Talk, DNF, Effluxus, Yadokai, Ritual Control…etc.  this will be there 2nd visit to The Know.  last time we hosted them i can personally say that even the highest expectations were exceeded when they brought their focused (and incredibly loud/forceful) brand of raw-punk that harkens the noisiest moments of Scandinavian D-Beat. CØNDITIØN will be joined by “game-changers” HOAX, from Massachusetts, who have quickly become an object of comparison and imitation for contemporary hardcore-acts.  playing a somewhat unprecedented style of venomous/bloody mid-tempo HC, which sits perfectly in a rhythmic ‘pocket’ that commands furious stomp-mosh from the disenfranchised. “How can i die when i’m already dead!”  

let us not forget that pdx newjacks KL’UBB (membs Bi-Marks/Mongoloid) bring their pissed noize to the equation as well!  DESTROY!!!

facebook event/details here.

Thursday, September 12th – a post-punk fantasia for those who have a predisposition toward the refined and poignant meanderings of Factory Records’ bands from the 70’s/80’s.  it’s anticipated that Cleveland-based PLEASURE LEFTISTS‘ soulful and haunting melodies will persuade our entranced-audience into an impromptu ‘goth’ dance night! continuing the trend of chorus-affected guitar and darkened pop-elements is the un-fuckwithable CRIMINAL CODE (comprised of the finest musicians from Tacoma, Seattle and Reno).  this tri-city collaboration makes their appearances rare and should not-to-be-missed!  portland’s own champions of the g-beat sound, ARCTIC FLOWERS, start the evening off with their impeccable fusion of post-punk, peace-punk and gothic elements.  seriously killer show to start your weekend off early!

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Saturday, September 14th – where to begin? this gig is monumental from start-to-finish. legendary Swedish d-beat progenitors MOB 47 take to the stage bringing with them 30+ years of HC experience (having started in 1982).  if their 2008 7″ is any indication, these fellah’s haven’t lost the speed and intensity that made their 80’s output some of the most quintessential and collectable items within the noize/raw punk circles. needless to say, such a special occasion merits a special support-cast, and Portland/Vancouver, BC have thrown their finest into the mix.  perennial pdx juggernaut, TRAGEDY, deliver their gruff blend of metallic-hardcore and d-beat, which will inevitably have fists-a-pumping. BC lends us KOSZMAR for the evening who, along with portland’s FRENZY, will be bringing the NOIZE!!! you will be severely fucking-up if you’re not at this one.

facebook event/details here.



Wednesday, September 18th – i don’t think i’ve been this excited for a show in a very…very…long time! England’s HARD SKIN are probably one of the most genius bands currently in existence! knowingly pairing irreverent Oi/Skinhead diatribe with an advanced tongue-and-cheek comedic approach, they’ve established a [self-proclaimed] means of “making music fun again.” i concur! they’re ridiculously fun, and their last pair of records (issued simultaneously), On the Balls/Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear?left even the most cynical-critics amazed at HARD SKIN’s ability to “flip-the-script.”   sing-a-long anthem after sing-a-long anthem will be the order of the night when they hit our stage. i can promise you that the word “cunt” will never be heard more times in our venue, or delivered in such an endearing-manner!

almost forgot…the local-support for this bill is INSANE! prophetic Blitz-channelers, CRIMINAL DAMAGE, rip through their hard-charging ‘classic’ punk jams, while the wild youth in BI-MARKS will undoubtedly leave many spilled beers on our venue floor.  The night gets started-off right with personal favorites, ADELIT@S, who are back from a European tour and generating some of the catchiest latino-punk complete with dual female/male vocals!


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Friday, September 27th – continuing with September’s “comedic punk” theme, we get a return visit from Vancouver, BC’s THE EVAPORATORS who are fronted by the iconic Nardwuar!!! For those of you who missed their visit last year i would strongly recommend you are in attendance this time around! it’s not often that you get to watch a 45 year-old, clad in a vinyl Canadian speed-skating suit, crowd-surf while playing keyboard and singing. Fun. fun. fun.  that’s what Nardwuar and his crew are about, and it’s contagious…so much so, that our fun-loving neighbors, in acclaimed Seattle power-pop-punk band BIG EYES, are making a trip down to pdx to link-up with this cast-of-characters (again).  i’ve said it before and am gunna say it again: BIG EYES are undeniable. if you can’t get down with their tunes, or think of yourself as being “too hard/too cool” for their pop-offerings, then you’re a fuggin’ idiot (and you’re kidding yourself)! no ifs, ands, or buts about it….they RULE!

this show features a number of other “selling-points” as well;  an appearance from the mysterious alter-egos of The Evaportators known as THEE GOBLINS, a set from RED SHADOWS (featuring a cast of savvy pdx veterans from The Minds, Chemicals, Piss Test), and a special post-show presentation of selections from Nardwuar’s VIDEO VAULT on our big-screen!!!

doot doola doot doo…DOOT DOO!

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thanks for reading/attending/helping to spread-the-word/etc.