SAT, NOV 2nd – enter the weird world of BLOWFLY!!!

this is not a joke. we’re really hosting the legendary likes of BLOWFLY!

show details/facebook event here.  ticketing info is below the flyer:

Ticketing information for is as follows [READ]:

  • 100 presale tickets will be sold for the show
  • Presale tickets will go on sale (exclusively available at The Know) at 8pm on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 16th for $10 each
  • only TWO presale tickets will be made available to each purchaser!!!
  • There will be approximately 50 day-of-show “tickets” available for $12 per person (NOTE: there will be NO paper ticket given with day-of admission)

In Relation to “Day-of-Show” Entry:

Due to an overwhelming amount of speculation and inquiry (historically) as to how day-of-show “ticketing” works i’ve painstakingly outlined exactly what to expect for those of you less familiar with our venue/this process.

  • Day-of-Show “tickets” are NOT actually tickets!!! They are more accurately “spaces,” with approximately 50 being made available on the show night. i.e.-you will receive a hand-stamp upon paying the day-of cover-charge, which is $12.00.  Attendees with advance tickets will ALSO receive a hand-stamp.  These stamps designate your attendance on that particular night and allow for re-entry to the bar/venue in the event that you need to ‘step-out’ (for a cigarette, phone call, breath-of-fresh-air, etc…etc…).
  • Day-of-show entry is NOT GUARANTEED! Again, there are approximately 50 day-of-show “spaces” available.  They will be allotted on a first-come/first-serve basis
  • Day-of-show entry begins AT 8PM! You CANNOT procure day-of-show entry prior to 8PM!!!!
  • The bar/venue will be CLOSED from 7-8pm on the date of the show.

How this will work:

at 6:30pm the day-time bar staff will announce a “last call” for drink orders. Shortly following that, ALL patrons inside/outside will be asked to finish-up and LEAVE (or get in line outside) because we’re CLOSING for an hour (from 7-8pm on 11/02/2013)

  • 8PM is when the bar will re-open for the purpose of hosting the show!
  • People wishing to gain day-of-entry to the BLOWFLY performance will need to LINE-UP per the instructions of our door-staff in a single-file line along our building’s exterior wall (Please don’t block pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk!!!).
  • We can’t say precisely when this line will begin to form for the 50 available day-of-show “spaces,” but it’s safe to assume that if you REALLY want to gain day-of-show entry that you should arrive EARLY and wait in line!
    Please understand that arriving EARLY doesn’t mean showing up at 5:30pm and going into the barroom, which will be open for regular (drinking) business, and asking the bartender if you can get a ticket/hand stamp/day-of-entry…etc to the Jonathan Richman show.  YOU CAN’T!!! Because DAY-OF-SHOW ENTRY is ONLY available starting AT 8PM at the show ‘doors’ .  
Hope that answers everyone’s questions about this topic.  If you have further query please email us at: