Not to be missed!

We’re really fortunate at The Know to receive consistent visits from international caliber touring acts.  This point has been reinforced in almost every blog-post I’ve made on our site.  That said, we’ve got a few shows coming up that I feel are “flying below the radar.” People perhaps not realizing just how lucky they to have $5-7 access to some bands that genuinely of an extraordinary-caliber.

The names of the bands in the following posts may not resonate with readers as strongly as The Mob (which ruled, and you’re dummies if you didn’t see at least one of their two shows in PDX), Antisect, Amebix, The Vicious, Systematic Death…et al. BUT…these bands should warrant the same interest because they too possess an intrinsic-ability to render a PERFECT musical/show experience! Never mind the fact that some of these visitors have overcome serious mutherfuckin’ hurdles to be here!

Which leads me to this:

Saturday, November 10th, 2012 – O INIMIGO, from Brazil, make a stop at The Know while on a West Coast tour! A band with a foreign-origin playing our stage is not particularly significant unto itself, but one has to consider the context of how hard it is to tour from BRAZIL!!! this isn’t a euro-to-american dollar exchange…one Brazilian ‘Real’ (their currency) is the equivalent of .50 cents American! That’s just the tip-of-the-iceberg though.  In their most recent interview in MRR O Inimigo explains the “the idea of doing a US tour has always been a distant thought,” largely “due to the hardships involved in getting a US visa.” Well guess what? They fucking did the damn-thing and they’re gunna be HERE! What’s even more awesome than making it to the US, despite the cards being ‘stacked against them,’ is who they sight as their musical influences….”the whole idea was to make a sound in the shape of Dischord bands” (they go on to reference bands like Embrace, Rites of Spring, ALL, Minor Threat, Dag Nasty, Minutemen and Husker Du!). YES!!! A breath of fresh air in an otherwise conformist punk-scene that caters too heavily (IMOO) to rewarding euro-centric obsessions, be it Finish-HC or Dis-beat from England.  Speaking to a certain ‘someone’ who was instrumental in bring O INIMIGO to the states, we both waxed poetically about the ‘suicide’ a band (from Portland, SF, NYC, etc.) would be committing if they were to cite simliar influences.

So lets enjoy a fresh/exciting perspective for an evening and embrace the energy and undeniable craftsmanship of our visitors who fought the ‘good fight’ to be here! O Inimigo plays rippin’ melodic-punk with a great cast-of-local-characters in the form of CHEMICALS (Record Release), MASS EXIT and RAD HABITS!


Sunday, November 11th – brings us another special appearance in the form of SYNTHETIC ID, who are also in the business of ‘trend bucking!’ Hailing from SanFrancisco, and a serious slew of “punk-famous” hardcore-bands (Yadokai, Ecoli, Face the Rail, Hunting Party, etc), these gents deliver a completely different take on punk than one would imagine! I personally can not stop listening to their 3-song demo, and will have to agree with Robert over at Terminal Escape that Synthetic ID is the “best new band in San Francisco.” They’ve latched onto the angular guitar flourishes of British legends like Wire and The Fall, and retain a frenetic sense of melody that likens aspects of the “Denton-sound” (a la Marked Men and Co.). Seriously this shit is blowing my mind!!! I can’t get over how un-fucking-believable it is.  There had to be a backlash to the incestuous hanger-ons of 90s-early 2000’s crust/dreary punk offerings, and THIS IS IT! sing-along/tap-your-toe/kill yourself/pogo or slam-dance…it’s all here!!!

SYNTHETIC ID play with Portland’s “best new band” (according to me), SICK RATS and both DI DI MAU + LUNGE (note: these guys didn’t make it in time for the flyer…sorry!)


Friday, November 16th – brings us to the “big show!” TERRIBLE FEELINGS, from Sweden, join us for an evening that will see their gorgeous blend of pop and post-punk intermingled with the ferocious likes of hardcore-veterans, WARCRY, and the playful-Adolescents-worship of AUTISTIC YOUTH!  This is without a doubt one of the most diverse line-ups we’ve seen involving such heavy-hitters within their respective genres!!! This grandiose ‘hurrah’ and “united front” is result of Terrible Feelings’ visit…the gravity of which I cannot emphasize enough! Similar to fellow Swedish post-punk acts like Masshysteri, Vanna Inget and Gorilla Angreb, this band has struck the perfect balance of melody and intensity.  The result being a cross-pollinated fan-base ranging from punks to more indie-based music lovers.  There’s something for everyone at this show, and that therefore makes attendance MANDATORY!



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