do your research to avoid missing cool shit

in a world of instant access (i.e. computers/smart phones/etc…etc…) to information i am continually disappointed by peoples inability to utilize the aforementioned (luxury) “tools” at their disposal.  this is never-more painfully obvious than when it comes to DIY touring bands…

i mention this now because we, at The Know, are hosting a slew of fantastic touring-acts (of great variety) in the coming weeks that should not be overlooked.  bands that we host are of a particular-breed that put in huge amounts of effort/sacrifice in order to bring their music outside of their hometown (usually incurring a cost to do so).  i feel like this should be a ‘two-way street’ in the sense that the music-loving public put in some effort on their end as well when trying to figure out what show they’ll end up at on any-given evening.

lets go back in time for a minute, because it wasn’t always this way.  there was a time when so-and-so’s older brother had a 7″ from some band and you had to borrow it then read paper-publications to figure out if/when they were coming through your town.  or perhaps you got handed a handbill by someone and they were like, “dude this band from philly is gunna blow-your-mind, they put out the best record of last year on XYZrecords” or some shit. you liked some other record on XYZrecords and thus your interest was peaked! so, with no real idea of what this band from philly sounded like you made an effort to go to the show to find out! you had a blast, then told your friends about it while talking to them on your CORDED HOME PHONE and they mentioned some other band that they thought you’d like based on your description of the philly band….blah….blah. the cycle-continued and you kept taking chances and reading reviews/taking people’s recommendations and discovering cool shit! you didn’t think at the time that this was an unreasonable amount of effort to spend researching or traveling in the hopes of being “wowed” by an out-of-town act.

given the example above, it seems like common excuses for missing killer touring-acts don’t hold-water:

your best-friends band (that you’ve already seen 55 times) doesn’t need to be playing the show… pitchfork, avclub or don’t need to be declaring a band ‘the next big thing’…”oppressive” travel times from inner-Southeast WAAAAAYYY up to inner-Northeast (a total of around 4miles) shouldn’t discourage anyone from going, and MOST IMPORTANTLY: unfamiliarity with a band should not serve as excuse for missing a show that would’ve otherwise been enjoyed!!! why does the latter example not get people off-the-hook one might wonder??? because we can effortlessly-fucking research a band in about 0.5 seconds online or on our phones!?!?!?!

it seems that an infinitesimal-fraction of the effort, comparatively to our recent past, is required to get “hip” to a show and yet people seem less inclined to do the research! have we become so lazy?

all said, allow this blog post to aid in your information-uptake via the following show previews and conveniently placed links to bands that are worth taking a “chance” on!


it’s a headbanger’s ball this SATURDAY, AUGUST 18th when Portland’s DEATH MACHINE and CONTEMPT team up with Sacramento’s RAT DAMAGE.  both of Portland’s entries on this bill are relatively new incarnations, but feature a long-lineage of heavy hitters and known-shredders (membs Hellshock, Ripper, Bi-Marks, Frenzy, Resist, etc…).  DEATH MACHINE’s focused metal-hardcore blend features Iron Maiden-references a-plenty and will pair up nicely with RAT DAMAGE, who’s newly released “Cursed” LP was described by MRR as “technically skilled, with lotsa leads and headbanging charge.”

like what you hear? scoot over to Moshpit Tragedy and pay-what-you-want for a download of DEATH MACHINE’s EP and show up on Saturday to snag a fresh copy of RAT DAMAGE’s “Cursed” LP!






[ten-uh-muhnt] – noun

1. also called a tenement house. an often overcrowded apartment house, especially in a poor section of a large city

hmmm…that definition seems particularly appropriate given that that’s how we anticipate the venue-area to be (crowded!!!) on MONDAY AUGUST 20th when Appleton, Wisconsin’s TENEMENT unleashes their gorgeous blend of pop-and-dirge. TENEMENT serve as the modern flag-bearers of all-things-good about midwestern-punk over the last several decades (think: Husker Du/Guided By Voices…et al). as for their support, who could ask for better than Washington’s mighty BIG EYES! these kids are on another (untouchable) level of indie-pop punk. even parts sugary-sweet and pointedly urgent.

note: the flyer is inaccurate, and AUTISTIC YOUTH have had to cancel. local-support will come in the form of CRYPTIES who have for too long gone unheralded (formerly CRYPT of the GRAVE)…packing a considerable punch!

if you think for a second you’re being misled, i would encourage you to read what the indie-conservative (and largely useless) weekly periodicals had to say about how fucking cool this show is:

willamette week said this.

and the poo-land mercury said this


hardcore hoe-down on TUESDAY AUGUST 21st! Minneapolis’ BRAIN TUMORS bring their feral-take on noisy hardcore to The Know’s stage.  seriously fucked/seriously fun! they will be ‘sandwiched’ by Portland hardcore cornerstones BI-MARKS (watch this video!), and infrequent/semi-retired performers ORGANIZED SPORTS  (get the Void reference?). This show will not be for the faint-of-heart or pretenders.  your allegiance to all-things hardcore-punk and you’re willingness to be thwarted/thrashed must be intact. this will be an absolute rager.










their is only one lord and he is a weed-dealer who lives in hell according to the acts that we host on SUNDAY, AUGUST 26th. venerable metal-giants LORD DYING (who tour with Portland’s favorite video-makers, Red Fang in October) play alongside a contingent of bay area veterans in SERPENT CROWN (member’s of SST’s B’Last and Unida) and portland metal-purists SPELLCASTER! grow your hair out in time for this show…their will be hair-windmills galore!








seriously folks, it would be a crime to miss these shows.