Commence “Upcoming” Updates!

[preface: our news section on the website is sorely underused as result of Facebook’s utter dominance of the social-networking landscape.  however, Facebook fucking sucks for communicating events related to bands/our venue! the biggest issue (of many) is that posts on a FB ‘wall’ are “buried” as soon as the next post is issued.  this is counter-productive when trying to give advance notice to a show and/or event that people might be inclined to (holy shit…here it comes) PLAN AHEAD for!  as result we’re making a renewed commitment to post some info about note-worthy/forthcoming events that you all might want to ‘mark on your calendar,’ versus having to scour Facebook ‘events’ and ‘wall’ posts for the same information. so keep checking back!]




Hump-day ass-kicking – on WED AUG 8th we get a return visit (they wowed and amazed last summer) from Austin Texas’ CRUDDY (12xu records) along with fabulous up-and-comers, SICK RATS (membs Organized Sports) and savvy post-punk veterans, SOCIAL GRACES  (featuring KBOO’s tireless Life During Wartime radio-show personality, Erin Yanke, who’s been playing the best punk in PDX since 1995!!!).








Irrational Animals is more like it – on FRI AUG 10th we get a visit from yet another touted touring-act in the form of Rochester, NY’s RATIONAL ANIMALS.  these guys are maniacs and this show is gunna rule…even the Willamette Week thinks so: read their preview of the show here. another note-worthy aspect of this show is that we, The Know, indoctrinate PDX to the wicked-ways of RAD HABITS, who play their first show on FRIDAY.  They were kind enough to send us a few prototypical tracks of theirs and it looks like we have a contender for most tongue-and-cheek new HC band in PDX (not sure if there’s even any competition…everyone takes themselves so seriously here. fuck).  regardless…i’ll have it been known that “high & tight” is one of the funniest references possible (admittedly, i had said hair-cut in 1991 at the onset of Desert Storm ’cause a lot of the service-guys were rocking it) and the juxtaposition of the phrase’s word-components is pure genius (especially in the context of youth crew sounding HC). listen to  it and get pumped for this show!



babes, beers and bubblegum this SAT AUG 11th. PATAHA HISS play their sugary-brand of rock&roll at The Know in celebration of their brand-spankin-new 7″ on Portland’s Hovercraft Records.  there’s a big ‘ol interview and preview of the record/show in the most recent Willamette Week. you can peep the write-up here.

long-dark hair (a lot of it), dark clothes, dark thoughts encouraged this SUN AUG 12th as travelers from the far east (i know it’s a stretch…but it’s about as far east as you can walk!) perform a blitzkrieg of sound within The Know’s venue-area. Connecticut’s AUTOLATRY apparently live in a very boring suburb and therefore have little distraction from honing-the-living-shit out of their skills on their respective instruments. it’s literally a technical shred-fest at blistering speeds (example). They’ll not be the only shredders at this dance though.  PDX throws down some heavy-infantry of it’s own in the form of SPECTRAL TOMBS and ever-enduring DEAD BY DAWN (11 years and still going strong!).



so there you have it…this is a way better way to preview our shit than Facebook.  so keep checking back and we’ll do our best to stay on-top of things here.

thanks for reading/attending/patronizing/etc.

-the know