On Monday, October 29th we begin a wild 3-days of Halloween festivity at The Know.  Portland’s music-makers possess a predilection for celebrating All Hallow’s Eve by forming over-the-top cover bands for a singular show/day/week.  This is taken more seriously than one might think. It’s not just a standard “tribute night” or a thrown together amalgamation of a favorite band’s material for laughs and hi-fives between chums.  Oh no…these are full on RECREATIONS of the chosen band.  The songs; honed to include every idiosyncrasy and studio-flourish. The costuming; ornate and often mimicing a precise period in the bands career. Some real NERD SHIT!

These “bands” often take months of dedicated practice only to play a show or two (and cease to exist immediately therefore-after).  A co-worker, who also maintains the studios at the punk-practice-space location, made the observation that during the months leading to Halloween he sees the cover bands practicing infinitely more than the comprising members actual bands…some even going so far as to put their primary bands on a temporary hiatus during the lead-in to the holiday!

Speaking of the composition concerning the Halloween crop of ‘bands.’  I’ve compiled a list of the cover bands involved with our 3-day long celebration AND the associated bands from which each cover band is derived.  You’ll notice that we have some VERY FUCKING SERIOUS players in these groups.  It is this musical pedigree that lends to eerily accurate and outrageously enjoyable band RECREATIONS. Come see some of your favorite bands of all-time, dead-or-alive, and sing along to their flawless soundtrack!


  • 80’s HARDCORE [Various HC Classics!] members: Tragedy, Bi-Marks, DeathMachine, Frenzy, Trauma, Raw Nerves + Salted City
  • STRANGER DANGER [The Stooges] ex members of: Drunken Boat, Spider Test + Remain Indoors
  • COWER [Misfits] members: Cower
  • THE ROLLING SHITS [The Rolling Stones] members: K’Tel 79, Fine Pets, Havania Whaal + Needles & Pizza
  • PLANET CLAIRE [B’52s] members: Nucular Aminals + Forever
  • BABYSITTER [Various covers + originals]: on tour from Vancouver, BC!

WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 31st – [Green Noise Records presents] HALLOWEEN!

  • DOMINION [Sisters of Mercy] members: Tragedy, From Ashes Rise, The Estranged, Hellshock, Moral Hex, Vicious Pleasures, Atrocity Exhibition + Trauma
  • COPS FOR FERTILIZER [Crucifucks] members: Defect Defect, Raw Nerves, Ruinacre + The Stops
  • GERM FREE ADOLESCENTS [X-Ray Spex] members: Adelit@s, Vicious Pleasures + Sleepless Eyes
  • MOTORGREG [Motorhead] members: Ripper, Bi-Marks + DeathMachine