11/24-26, 2012 – Jonathan Richman Returns to The Know! [READ: for ticketing details/etc]

***UPDATE*** as of 11/14:

day-of-show tickets will be available as detailed below.

In May of 2010 The Know hosted Jonathan Richman and Tommy Larkins for two consecutive nights. Their appearance was undoubtedly one of the most memorable moments of the bar’s existence! The performances were stirring and decidedly unique, with Jonathan retooling his song-selection/demeanor to account for and accommodate distinctly different audiences between the two-nights.  From an insider’s perspective I was completely floored by the humility and consideration Jonathan extended to us (The Know) and the attendees.

It takes a certain-type of person to ‘fall in love with’ the weathered, simple and somewhat decrepit interior of our venue, which has light-heartedly been described as “a ramshackle container for cheap beer.” That said, Jonathan Richman apparently has taken a particular fancy to our space and recently requested to play The Know again while on a short-tour in celebration of his recent record, O Moon, Queen of Night on Earth. Needless to say, we’re THRILLED for another opportunity to host this living-legend!

For those of you less-familiar with Mr. Richman I would suggest you take a glance at his wikipedia article to get an idea about just how prolific and influential he’s been as a writer and performer.  He’s one of very few artists that have established such iconic/cult status, while retaining control of their music and environment.  A testament to this fact is that he chooses a place like ours for his show, where he can curate an evening of song-and-dance that retains intimacy and liveliness unattainable in larger spaces.

Come partake in the experience!

Jonathan Richman and Tommy Larkins perform three-consecutive nights at The Know:




Ticketing information for ALL SHOWS is as follows [READ]:

  • 98 presale tickets will be sold for EACH show
  • Presale tickets will go on sale (exclusively available at The Know) at 9pm on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 12th for $10 each
  • only TWO presale tickets will be made available to each purchaser!!!
  • There will be approximately 40 day-of-show “tickets” available for EACH show for $12 per person (NOTE: there will be NO paper ticket given with day-of admission)
  • NO VIDEO RECORDING devices are allowed during the performance!!! (NOTE: this day-in-age everyone’s phone is capable of capturing video…don’t be an asshole.  Please respect this simple-request made by Jonathan and refrain from taking advantage of our performers with your hand-held technology)
Final NOTES:
Last time we hosted Jonathan and Tommy tickets sold-out within hours! We’ll make them available to you for as long-as-they-last, but the likelihood of them selling out rather quickly is VERY GOOD! So be there on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 12th at 9pm!!!
If/When tickets sell out we’ll update this blog-post and our facebook page to indicate that.
If you have further questions please email us at:
Thanks for reading.  We’re very much looking forward to sharing these special evenings with all of you.